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Goodbye Elementary, Hello High school

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I’m sad to say this will be my last blog post. I’m off to high school and won’t be continuing with my grade 7 blog. I hope you have enjoyed my writing and wish me luck in grade 8. For now I will leave you with my grade 7 graduation quote:

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Goodbye and thank you for reading!

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Unwanted weeds: Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom is a weed that was brought over to the Island by Captain Walter Grant. It was brought over from Europe. He wanted to plant it on his farm on Vancouver Island in 1850, that was when it was first introduced to the Island. The weed quickly spread across the island. It kept growing thanks to it’s deep roots that can find water anywhere!

Scotch Broom has tough branches and bright yellow flowers. The branches are rough, and dark green. The petals are silky to the touch. To some people they smell pleasant and some don’t like it at all.

Scotch Broom is a problem because it’s very hard to control, it’s seeds spread quickly and take up native plants habitat. It’s a weed and many people want to get rid of it. Scotch Broom competes with native plants for many things like, sunlight, nutrients, and moisture. To fix this problem what people are doing is cutting the broom in bloom. Cutting it in bloom is the only way to permanently kill the roots.

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The Hunt Begins

Found it! ”Pop” off comes the lid of the cache. Do you know what Geo-caching is? It’s an adventure! You get to find all sorts of hidden caches. Geo-caching is like a modern day treasure hunt. When you go Geo-caching you use a GPS, you put your way points in the GPS and follow the compass. Way points are the coordinates of the cache your looking for, the GPS tells you how far away you are from the cache. It could be 2 meters or 200 meters! The GPS helps because it’s like a digital map, you can take it anywhere!

There are all kinds of caches and lots of places to hide them. Up high and down low, people can be very sneaky. In a cache you could find a pencil and a logbook to write who and when you found it. You could also find some “swag”. “Swag” is prizes and treasures you could have in the cache. When you take something out of a cache you have to put something back that has more or equal value. Respect caches and other geocachers.

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Top Ten Favorite Places to See

Next year I am going on a trip of my choice but I’m having a hard time choosing where to go. This is a list of my top ten places to go and I’d like you to comment and add to my list. Have you gone on an amazing trip, where did you go?

1. Italy

2. Thailand

3. Caribbean

4. India

5. France

6. Greece

7. Peru

8. Rome

9. Oahu

10. All around the world trip!

What would be your dream trip? Would you choose to go to Scotland to see amazing castles or Hawaii for the beautiful beaches? I still need to decide, so tell me what would be your #1 place to see…. I love History and shopping but I’m having a hard time finding a place great for both.

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A walk down Fairy Lane

Once upon a time there was a grade 7 class that built a fairy village for their little buddies to explore. So off they went looking for fairy’s. They had a great time, knocking on the doors, asking ” is anyone home? ” and trying to be the first to find the doors.

Try our video maker at Animoto.

Our little buddies love to be creative and adventurous so we decided to do a little project. We made fairy doors! We molded them, decorated them, and painted them! When we finished we took our doors outside and put them in the forest for fairy’s and trolls and all kinds of magic to live in. We all had a lot of fun exploring and making the doors!

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Hawaii 5-O

Hawaii 5-O is favourite Tv show, it’s funny, thrilling, action filled, and very interesting! Hawaii 5-O is about a task force formed my the Governor of Hawaii and captained my Steve Mcgarret, a former Navy Seal and a very skilled fighter. The team is made up of Steve, Danny, Chin, Kono, and Max the lab guy. This team has been given full immunity and means by the Governor. Throughout the show they have all different kinds of crime and some pretty close calls.

Steve Mcgarret: Former Navy Seal and main character. In the pilot episode Steve’s father was murdered by a man who wanted his brother alive in exchange for Steve’s Dad. Steve was on a mission when he got a phone call from the captured mans brother saying he had Steve’s father and he wanted his brother alive, when Steve was ambushed the brother was killed the other brother shot Steve’s father point blank in the head. After Steve got home the Governor asked Steve to captain 5-O and Steve agreed hoping to be able to capture the man who killed his father.

Danny: Danny was a police officer in New Jersey and moved to Hawaii when his Ex-wife and her Husband moved to Hawaii with Danny’s 8 year old daughter Grace. Danny was working for HPD (Hawaii police department) when Steve recruited him to be his partner. Steve and Danny are really funny and have lots of close calls with authority and death.

Chin Ho Kelly: Chin was an Ex cop that got his badge taken away after he was accused of taking 10,000 dollars from evidence after a drug bust. But Chin wasn’t the one who took the money and in fact he knows who took it but he’s taking the blame for it. Chin got his badge back and is working for 5-O. Also Chin was trained by Steve’s father when he joined the police force.

Kono: Kono is fresh out of police academy and recruited to 5-O after helping 5-O with a kidnapping and successfully getting everyone out alive. Kono is Chin’s cousin and they are also partners. Their family is very close and she is a very skilled police officer. When Kono was younger she was a professional surfing champ until she hurt her knee and got put out of professional surfing for good, after that was when she decided to go into police academy.

Hawaii 5-O is my favourite show! One of the reasons I love this show is because it’s so good that they re-made it. It was a show when my dad was a teenager and now they’ve re-created it all!  I also like it because it really grabs the viewer and pulls them into the series, you really want to watch and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you like crime dramas and comedy’s you should check out an episode of Hawaii 5-O.

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What’s behind that door….

At school we have little buddies and with our little buddies we did a little project. We made fairy doors! We molded them, decorated them, and painted them! When we were all finished we put our fairy doors out in the woods for little fairy’s to live in. To go with our fairy doors each of the grade sevens had to write a short story about their door. Our little buddies decided what lived behind our doors there were trolls, elves, pixies, gnomes, and of course fairy’s!

This is my story:

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Emma. She was beautiful, only 13 but she was a very caring girl. She had hair black as the night sky and eyes as bright as the stars. She lived in a beautiful cottage down by a big river. Her cottage was small, it had a grass roof with white walls and beautiful plants and trees surrounding her. The cottage was in the middle of the forest but that did not bother Emma she loved nature, but what did bother her was that she was all alone and had no one to keep her company.

One day when Emma was out walking she saw something little zoom by, it wasn’t a butterfly but it had wings, Emma was confused so she decided to follow it. It led her to a dark cave deep in the forest which Emma had never seen before, she followed cautiously and was starting to get scared. The cave was dark and dreary and reeked of old socks, the air tasted thick and stale. Emma couldn’t see the little creature she was following anymore and it was just getting darker and the air was getting thicker so she decided to turn around.

Emma walked right into a big, hairy, smelly troll! She screamed as loud as she could and the troll did the same… he hid behind a rock and peered out at Emma. Emma was confused “wait, why are you afraid of me? You’re so big and strong and I’m just little” said Emma. “Wh-Who are you?” asked the troll timedly. “I’m Emma, I live here in the forest, who are you?” asked Emma. “I’m, um-I’m Rupert” “do you live in this cave?” asked Emma. “no” said Rupert. “I’m lost, I was following an evil fairy and she led me here, now I don’t know how to get out of this cave” said Rupert. “follow me” said Emma, “I think I know a way out”.

So Rupert followed Emma and they walked for hours until they came across a three way path, they didn’t know which way to go. Suddenly the middle path started glowing, it looked like little lanterns floating on the wind illuminating the path. Emma and Rupert decided to follow the lanterns down the before dark and gloomy appearing path. It led them into a beautiful tiny fairy village. On a big tree in the middle of the village was a little door. Expertly carved into the door were fine golden details that sparkled when the moon shined at just the right angle. On the door hung a big golden handle used to knock on the beautiful door.

Emma grabbed the big handle and knocked on the door very carefully trying not to startle whoever may be inside. With a loud creak the door opened and slowly revealed a fairy dressed in black robes with a violet dress and eyes so dark they looked like a black hole. Her wings were ragged, black with a slight sparkley tinge to them.

Rupert gasped “that’s her, the evil fairy that lead me into the dark cave”. Before Emma could say anything the dark fairy zapped a cage on top of Emma and Rupert with one wave of her hand. Then with one wicked laugh she walked back inside and slammed the door. “Don’t panic, I’m small enough to fit through the bars” said Emma. She slipped through the bars and cut the rope attached to the weight holding the cage down. Rupert cheered “we’re free” “shhh” said Emma “we can’t let the evil fairy hear us.” Rupert and Emma quietly followed the lanterns back out of the village and to a large clearing where they found Emma quaint little cottage, they quickly ran inside and they were both glad to be back in a safe place.

In Emma’s journey she met an unlikely friend, and now she will never be lonely again.

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Are computers hiding things from us?

Today in class we watched a Ted talk video. The name of the video is Eli Pariser – “Beware the online filter bubbles” on TED Talks. It was about an interesting topic that probably  hasn’t crossed many people’s minds. The man in the video is named Eli Pariser and he was talking about how when you are on the computer and your searching something the computer will look at everything from where you sitting to what kind of computer your using. The computer will filter your search’s depending on what you searched before and chances are you and the person sitting next to you won’t have the same pages come up even if you search the same thing at exactly the same time. Computers are personalizing search’s without notifying the user. It’s not just one search engine either it’s Facebook, Google, yahoo, safari, etc.

This video really opened my mind towards how computers truly function and what they could be hiding from searches. This will definitely effect how I research projects in the future because now I will know to use more than one computer and search the topic many times and notice the differences. This video raises many questions like “how long have computers been doing this?” Why haven’t we noticed this before?

Do you have any questions about the video or comments about the topic? I’d love to hear your thoughts or connections. Do you think this filtering is a positive thing or a negative thing?

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10 things: Bucket List

Before I die I want to check off everything on my list, 10 things that make life exciting. What are 10 things that give you a rush? Life is not for wasting time so why not do something crazy, no one gets out alive anyway!

1. I want to go to Hawaii and swim with wild dolphins in the tropical waters.

2. Take a trip around the world and explore new cultures, eat all kinds of foods and make friends that last a life time.

3. Become fluent in at least 3 languages around the world.

4. Live in Europe for 1 year to explore the language

5. Pursue a career that makes me happy, something that makes me want to get up every morning with a smile that no matter what won’t go away.

6. Go to University and get a Masters degree.

7. Get straight A’s, I would be so happy! I hope I achieve my goal!

8. Become a pro soccer player,  go to the Olympics and win Female athlete of the year.

9. Walk the red carpet and meet my favourite stars!

10. Learn how to make an origami dragon.


Comment any bucket list ideas you have, I’d love to hear them!




The mysterious package


Today when we got to school there was a mysterious package on the table at the front of the class. We weren’t aloud to touch it, but when Ms.Smith came into the the room she told us she found that on her desk this morning. She said it was from Mrs.Donofrio and “Hey kids”. Everyone got really excited and wanted to open it but Ms.Smith said we will open it at the end of the day. So at the end of the day when Ms.Smith was about to open the package she asked for guess’ of what was in it. Some guess’ were shells, socks, candy and then we got a bit unrealistic, someone guessed a bomb. But when we finally opened the mysterious package these are the things we found sea shells, candy, an American flag, a local newspaper, a Florida guide, an alligator pencil, a Florida pin, a homework assignment and a real shark tooth! We all had fun with the package and are excited to send a package to “hey kids” and Mrs.Donofrio.

Mrs.Donofrio, Thank you for the great gifts and look forward to something special from Huzzah! We appreciate connecting with you and your students.